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Why Engagement Photography Matters! A Bride’s Perspective…

Engagement photo

Photography has progressed remarkably in the recent decade.  Cookie cutter poses, matching sweaters and faux backgrounds are all a thing of the past.  The perfectly angled chins, crossed knees and modeled hands appear, just as they are, to be staged and plagued with a lack of natural sentiment.  Today, photographs taken at the hands of professionals can truly depict a story.  Photography transports portrait observers to the setting, we imagine the climate, feelings, and love shared between the subjects in the framed photos.

Engagement photography is one of the most extraordinary photographic occasions in a couple’s life.  Candid Polaroid pics, cell phone snap shots, and photo booth images are common place when it comes to recording a pair in love’s relationship.  For engaged couples about to embark on a married existence, professional engagement photographers offer sessions that are a highly desired commodity.

Imagine professional pictures of you and your fiancé hanging on your wall or mantle.  They tell a story of romance, affection and the comfort of a love shared.  These are often the last portraits of a twosome before their wedding; before the well-rehearsed vows, pressure of a perfect kiss, perfect dance, uniting of incomes, furniture and family.

Wedding photographers are an essential part of a bride and groom’s big day.  They provide the married couple, their family and friends with the opportunity to remember this highly celebrated and honored day for years to come.  An expert photographer with an impressive portfolio will likely be a sizable expense when it comes to a wedding budget; however they are providing an essential service and skill.  If you are concerned that engagement photography may not play into your wedding budget, don’t lose hope.  Often times quality photographers will offer clients packaged deals when they book multiple options: engagement photos and wedding coverage or wedding and videography.

Shane + Karrisa Engagement Ventura ,Ca

Shane and Karrisa are such a fun couple. They both play music and do life together. They wanted something different for their engagement photos… so we scouted beautiful Ventura ,Ca and this is what we came up with . Their wedding date is September 1,2012 . We can’t wait.
engagement photography ventura, ca
engagement photography ventura, caengagement photography ventura, caengagement photography ventura, ca

3 Reasons to “SHOOT MORE VIDEO”

Everyone loves cinematography! It’s a centric part of our everyday lives and nothing soon is changing that. I was recently asked to put together a product shoot plus produce a small video in between photos. Of course I wanted to say that it’s not that simple. Instead of saying no I just nodded and said, “I’ll get it done”. I didn’t want to say I no, because saying no leads to nothing. I completely understood why this hair feathers company wanted a video. (Video below) Video is the new black! If you have the ability to shoot and edit here is three reasons why you should shoot more video.

1. Video Emotionally Connects

I’m sure you still remember the most memorable scenes of your favorite movies. Or maybe you find yourself talking about the latest digital short from SNL. The point is that video causes and evokes emotion. When we laugh, love, or whatever we produce endorphins which are addicting. Addiction is good when it comes to people watching your content. The more that people connect with your content, the better it will be for your business.

2. Video is good SEO

Video is trending up for SEO use. With YouTube being one of the biggest search engines for content its no wonder why businesses are using video to reach more clients. It’s more likely that if you make a video for your business that the video will be seen before your website. If you’re a photographer why not make a behind the scenes video of your latest shoot? It will take more time and effort but the results may surprise you!

3. Video for Social Media

What I love about Social Media is that it allows the King to come out of his castle. For example, I love the fact that Zach Arias, Chase Jarvis, Jeremy Cowart, and others are posting to their Facebook and twitter accounts. Having a conversation with either of these two people would have been impossible before social media unless you lived close to them, or had a friend that knows a friend that know them. With video it’s a progression from words on a page. Not only has the king come out of the castle, but also now you can see, hear, and in some ways feel him…in a very hipster way. Using video for social media allows your users to connect with you and your brand on a more personal level.

If you have any questions or want some really great resources to help you with video just e-mail me or post below!


10 Tips to help photographers with Contracts from CHASE JARVIS – Good Stuff!

If you love photography, and love the ethos of it… then you’ve probably heard the name Chase Jarvis. Chase is a great photographer, social guru , and all around giver to the creative community. Check out his lastest post about helping photographers with contracts. A contract for photographers is super important. It will also help guide you and the client down the right path. A must read for any photographer.. especially wedding photographers. Don’t get caught with your pants down!
Check it here :

The Shutter Second, When to walk away.

The emphasis on being a great photographer is always there. Creating goals and achieving them should always be what we strive for. Working hard plus blood, sweat, and tears is a necessity. Yet all this should be second in life. The shutter… Should be second. Photography is important, but it’s no comparison to living your life.
The idea is this. You photograph to live, not live to photograph. Does that make me a sell out? Does it make me less committed to the craft? Some would say yes. Yet without the ability to live there is no photography. Without a life wrapped around family and friends, God and community, or whatever you live for … your photography will suck. Yes, suck!
It’s your ideology, family, and friends, pain, love that will ultimately drive and influence your photography. Without these things creativity may present itself difficult. Yet with these things you may find photography less important. My son Huntington has been sick the last couple of days. Not just sick like taking some Tylenol sick… But sick like …get admitted to the hospital sick. My life the last couple days have been wrapped up with his recovery. The last thing on my mind has been photography, lighting, the newest dslr… Whatever. Photography is the last thing on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, but there’s so much more than the shutter.
Spending sometime away from the shutter is just as important as perfecting the craft. I challenge you, dare your … walk away from your camera for a couple days, weeks, maybe a month, breathe and come back. 
The results may free you!