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Justin & Liz Ventura Engagement

Ventura Engagement Session

Congrats to Justin and Liz! We had a great time with you guys! Amazing couple! We cannot wait for the wedding! This engagement shoot was inspired by their love of thrift stores and all things vintage! The shoot was taken at Mondos in Ventura , Ca and in a movie theater in beautiful Ventura , Ca .

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Ventura photographer

Matt & Jessica’s Santa Barbara Engagement

We had so much fun at Matt & Jessica’s engagement session . What an amazing couple in an amazing place. Their engagement session took place at the Mission in Santa Barbara . It’s also a great place for wedding photography. A huge congrats to  both of them !!! We are so excited for the wedding.

Santa Barbara wedding photography + Engagement

Santa Barbara photography at the mission

Wedding photographer , Engagement photographer

Engagement Photographer Santa Barbara


5 Survival Tips to Wedding Photography

how to prepare for wedding photography

What they don’t tell you about wedding photography.
5 Survival Tips..

1. Good Night’s Rest

This may sound pretty obvious, but sleep may be one of your best friends come wedding day. I know most people think that the job of a wedding photographer is licking lollipops and galloping around with a camera taking pictures of pretty things… but it’s hard work. More than likely you’ll wake early due to the anticipation and morning prep, and be on your feet from anywhere between 4-10 hours or more depending on the agreement. There are not a lot of breaks so it’s important that you stay hydrated and that extra sleep from the night before will ensure you’ll be a champ by the time you hear the last Black Eye Peas song at the reception.

2. Be Organized

Nothing will bring out “bridezilla” faster than your lack of organization and shoot from the hip mentality. Sure, be relaxed but prepared as well. Your bride has spent her entire life dreaming of this day, as a paid photographer you should do anything possible to make it as fairytale as possible. Make sure you have met with the bride two weeks before the wedding to schedule times, places and coordinate overall photography. This will give a bride peace of mind and she will put you on a pedestal if you pull it off.

3. Have the right Equipment

Whether you have been shooting for years or are just starting out make sure you have the right gear come wedding day. You don’t have to own it, just make sure you have it. Places like Borrow Lenses are great for renting professional gear. If you are a paid wedding photographer you should have at least two working camera bodies, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and something that stops down to F/1.8 or less. A flash is not necessary but highly suggested. The night before test all your gear and make a checklist so nothing is left at home or at the wedding venue. For good measure clean your gear and make sure batteries are charged so you have no surprises come wedding day.

4. Be Nice To Everyone!

Easier said than done. I can’t stress this enough. At the end of the day your photography will be judged not just by how awesome your photographs are but by how polite and courteous you were through the entire process. I know some amazing photographers who are just plain a-holes and they wonder why no one will work with them. There’s going to be times were the bride may snap at you or an uncle has had too much to drink. Just keep your cool and it will pay off. Your photos may be par, but if they loved you and the overall experience… THAT MATTERS!

5. Comfortably, Look your best.

Yes, there’s an unspoken dress code at weddings. As a professional it’s important to look your best and be comfortable at the same time. Nothing will hurt your reputation faster than showing up looking like a slob to a wedding. If you’re not sure it’s okay to ask the bride. It’s also important that you don’t stand out. Leave your bright green polo at home unless requested by a bride. Most photographers wear black… but I say dress to your brand without drawing attention and looking cheap.

Mike + Brooke Engagement – Moorpark , Ca

I’m pleased to announce that Open Iris will have the pleasure of photographing Mike & Brooke on their wedding day ! We had a great time with them in downtown Moorpark. They look awesome! Congrats to them both!

Photos from Open Iris Photography in Ventura, Ca.

Santa Barbara wedding photographer , Ventura Wedding photographer :

Moorpark wedding photos

engagement photos Moorpark

wedding photographer Moorpark

Engagement photos Ventura , Ca


Why you must get married in Santa Barbara ! Santa Barbara Weddings!

wedding photographer santa barbara

One of the most beautiful settings considered to be a mecca for all things luxurious and historical is the spectacular Santa Barbara Coast.  Amazing promenades, boutiques, renowned restaurants, scenic views and Spanish tiles are trademarks in the historical city.  Famous people looking for an escape, local residents, surf extraordinaire and weekend vacationers soak in the beauty and fresh coastal air of Santa Barbara.  Among all of the amazing amenities that the city has to offer it is also among one of the most highly desired places to wed.

Santa Barbara Weddings are popular because they can vary greatly from couple to couple.  While one bride may have in mind an ocean view from an opulent hotel as her venue, another may dream of a relaxed beach wedding with a sunset backdrop.  There are many park and garden settings that are available to book for weddings, as well.  With the cool coastal air and the clear skies Santa Barbara provides the ideal wedding atmosphere.

The best wedding photographer can find beauty in almost any scene.  However, your wedding will be inundated with endless photographic beauty if you chose to host your wedding near the stunning beaches of this California coast.  Guests will enjoy the hillside views, local eateries, extensive shopping venues as well as taking bike rides along the beach paths as you plan every detail for your impending wedding.

Once you find your venue and have arranged your wedding date, seek out your Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer.  Research photographers, explore their websites, online portfolios and arrange a meeting to discuss your particular event.  A professional wedding photographer will be able to answer all of your questions and to ease any of your wedding photography concerns.

Regardless of if your wedding will be witnessed by a few close relatives or a few hundred honored guests, Santa Barbara will be the city to consider hosting your event in.  Seek out your venue, and a professional photographer to ensure that your wedding will be gorgeous and beautifully documented.  Then you can enjoy all the city has to offer as you enjoy pre-wedding schedules with guests…who knows, you may be captivated by the city’s charm and choose to stay for your Honeymoon?

Why Engagement Photography Matters! A Bride’s Perspective…

Engagement photo

Photography has progressed remarkably in the recent decade.  Cookie cutter poses, matching sweaters and faux backgrounds are all a thing of the past.  The perfectly angled chins, crossed knees and modeled hands appear, just as they are, to be staged and plagued with a lack of natural sentiment.  Today, photographs taken at the hands of professionals can truly depict a story.  Photography transports portrait observers to the setting, we imagine the climate, feelings, and love shared between the subjects in the framed photos.

Engagement photography is one of the most extraordinary photographic occasions in a couple’s life.  Candid Polaroid pics, cell phone snap shots, and photo booth images are common place when it comes to recording a pair in love’s relationship.  For engaged couples about to embark on a married existence, professional engagement photographers offer sessions that are a highly desired commodity.

Imagine professional pictures of you and your fiancé hanging on your wall or mantle.  They tell a story of romance, affection and the comfort of a love shared.  These are often the last portraits of a twosome before their wedding; before the well-rehearsed vows, pressure of a perfect kiss, perfect dance, uniting of incomes, furniture and family.

Wedding photographers are an essential part of a bride and groom’s big day.  They provide the married couple, their family and friends with the opportunity to remember this highly celebrated and honored day for years to come.  An expert photographer with an impressive portfolio will likely be a sizable expense when it comes to a wedding budget; however they are providing an essential service and skill.  If you are concerned that engagement photography may not play into your wedding budget, don’t lose hope.  Often times quality photographers will offer clients packaged deals when they book multiple options: engagement photos and wedding coverage or wedding and videography.

” 5 Reasons to buy the New MacBook Pro “

First of all 2012 has been a great year for photographers and media designers alike. For myself it started with the release of the extraordinary Nikon D800 and it’s un-rivaled image quality , and now the announcement of the new Macbook Pro has launched me into pixel euphoria. If you are a photographer , cinematographer , designer , or use your computer for presentations and require a professional , reliable , experience… LOOK NO FURTHER! 5 Reasons this Apple is for you!

1. See More Pixels “Retina Display”
One of the gripes of professionals using laptops while on the go or as a workstation is that the screen resolution and size tend to make your eyes bleed. Well maybe not that dramatic, but it does make it hard to be productive and see more pixels without zooming times ten. Apple has now graced us with it’s beautiful retina display to be seen on 15.4″ of scheer LED bliss. With a resolution of 2880×1800 pixels your mouth will drop and sing the praises of Apple’s leap forward. What does this mean ? You see more , a lot more!

What is Flash Storage? It’s what the rest of the world refers to as SSD “Solid State Drive” and is an incredibly fast hard drive. Not only will you see a huge performance increase in daily task , you will also notice that your laptop will be less noisy and run at lower temperatures. In programs like Photoshop CS6 and Premiere CS6 you will notice faster render times as well as a faster scratch disk. The huge plus is that Flash Storage is less likely to fail on you due to it’s reliability. That’s good news to all professionals. Work faster and safer.

One of the lacking components in most laptops is the graphics card. Most laptops that are marketed to professionals have an integrated intel graphics card which is sometimes hidden by cheap sales gimmicks like , “oh did you see how big the hard drive is?” Laughable. Apple has made sure to give you a power house computer that rocks a solid Nvidia 1GB GDDR5 graphic card. Awesome for photo editing , video editing , and general media usage. Simply put, this is one bad ass graphics card.

4. Hello USB 3.0 + Thunderbolt
Yes , finally USB 3.0. Apple has complied with the rest of the world and given us USB 3.0. I have no doubts that Thunderbolt will continue to wow us with a plethora of devices in the near future, but for now I’ve been needing a USB 3.0 port on my Apple. For photographers and cinematographers shooting video from a DSLR they will be happy to have faster transfer times from CF cards using USB 3.0 devices. Throw in the fact that you also have thunderbolt and you’re as happy as a kid in a candy store.

Now Apple is just showing off. If you ask, you shall receive. The outcry of Apple’s lack of an HDMI port on its computers did not fall on deaf ears. This is a huge upgrade for those who rely on their MacBook for presentation purposes. The HDMI powered by an extreme , profound laptop will give you more peace of mind when presenting or sharing media with clients or at memorable events.

Apple has outdone itself once again! Sure it’s pricey at $2199 but it’s well worth it! The retina display alone makes this laptop worth every dollar. If you are a professional this Apple Macbook Pro will not disappoint.

laptop for photographers

Shane + Karrisa Engagement Ventura ,Ca

Shane and Karrisa are such a fun couple. They both play music and do life together. They wanted something different for their engagement photos… so we scouted beautiful Ventura ,Ca and this is what we came up with . Their wedding date is September 1,2012 . We can’t wait.
engagement photography ventura, ca
engagement photography ventura, caengagement photography ventura, caengagement photography ventura, ca